Friday, February 3, 2012

Group Project Mania

I am working on several group projects right now.

I am working on Stumptown Knits, SockMadness 6 Warm-ups, Kniterrati, and a few others that I can't even think of right now.

I am also in the middle of the spring baby rush! I think there are at least 5-7 people I know of who are expecting. One is due this month. Yikes! I have got to get busy on those projects too.

Life is as usual, absolutely in upheaval. Work seems to be calming down, at least on our being eliminated front, but the work is going to be picking up in the near future.

Home life is very rough right now, but we still truck on. (what else can you do?)

Well, it's a rainy day here, and they are expecting up to 10 inches (depending on which forecast you listen to) by tomorrow night.

I'm going to take my son to the doctor for "genetic testing" to try and find out why his meds don't work, or maybe find some that might work. And then? I think I will go home and try and knit.

Monday, May 2, 2011

5 Months of Nothing

Yup, that about sums up this blog.

I participated in Sock Madness again this year. I made it to round 4 (almost to 5) so I did a tad better than last year.

I loved the patterns this year. I made all of them, including the optional round (still working on this one, but am almost done with sock #2)

I was going to put a picture of some of the socks, but blogger doesn't seem to like my link to Maybe I can force it:

SM5 sock 2 in progress

That's better! This is Sock #2. This sock seemed like it took 10 times longer than it actually did. Don't know why, but everyone seemed to take a much longer time on this one.

Work is still work, but just more of it. I think that is becoming the norm for everyone. Do more with less, for less (or at least no more).

I think I'll go back and knit some more on my socks, and enjoy the beautiful day today after I get off work.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Socks, socks and more socks

I have been knitting socks for most of the last 2 months. I finished 2 Christmas stockings in October, then proceeded to move on to traditional socks.

I made my son a pair of shorties, my daughter a pair of shorties and am now working on another pair of socks. They aren't shorties, but they also are not regular length either, they fall somewhere in between. (midi's???)

I am not even on the page of gifts for this holiday season. Maybe I will make up some soaps/scrubs and use that for gifts. I don't have the money to do much else, nor am I in much of a giving spirit. I just want to sit by a nice warm fire, with Enya playing in the background, and knit.

Needless to say ... that ain't gonna happen any time soon (if ever).

My son wants me to knit him a sweater. We have the pattern, now I need to get the yarn. Acrylic for him, as everything he wears ends up in the washer and dryer. He's picked out the color, now I just have to find the yarn at a good price. I think I can make it for around $40 in yarn, not including my time. Not too bad.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Still Standing...

We received notice of those being laid off today. I am not one of them.

I thank the stars, and whatever else I can thank, that I have not lost my job, as of yet.

More cuts are possible in the future, but not right now.

I feel like I can start to resume my life, to some extent.

I am now going to go and finish my day at work, go home and heave a heavy sigh of relief. I may even get a bottle of Boone's Farm, drink to those who were cut, and be thankful for what I have.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am a Jinx!

I am participating in the Dish Rag Tag again this year. I am the team captain of team K2Win.

Our box has gone missing!

This happened to my team last year. I am thinking that I should not participate in these kind of things anymore.

I know it's not really me (or is it?), but it sure seems like this happens to me a lot.

The kitties are doing well. They are beginning to get along better. And the kids are still cleaning the cat box and other bodily functions up without batting an eyelash (for the most part). Pye has a touchy stomach some days, and has led to a new realm of clean-up.

The knitting is going very well. I have 5 holiday gifts done, 3 more almost done and only a few more to start. I even have a pair of mittens for my daughter almost done for her 10th (how the heck did that happen?) birthday in 2 weeks.

I am still unable to go to my knitting group on Wed. nights. I can hardly stand it any more. I need to be around other adults that are not work or family related. Some days I just want to pull my hair out. I need that release of hearing other people's troubles, triumphs and enthusiasm. I will not do this again anytime soon.

This month is our Knitting Guild's Trick or Treat swap. I can't wait for this one. I always bring a few things. Some are going to be tricks this year, as well as a treat or two.

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Tail of 2 Kitties

We did get a second cat from the humane society. Her name is Annabelle. That was her name before we got her. We decided to not confuse her even more, by giving her yet another name.

Her previous owner boarded her at the humane society and never returned for her. She is very sweet and totally lovable.

This isn't her, but it looks almost identical.

The kids love her so much, she follows them around, gets in their way, gets in their face, and they totally LOVE it.

The two cats still don't get along yet, but they are slowly realizing that they are stuck with each other, and that neither of them are going away.

Knitting is slowing down, but still making progress. I am going to make some more beach bags I think. They are pretty quick and super easy. I want to do scarves, but I don't want to buy new yarn either. I will have to think on this some more.

School is in full swing, and J has brought home the bassoon again. He really likes playing it. In another week, he may be playing it in band.

I miss going to knitting on Wed. nights. I will be glad when this fitness class is over. I miss the back to school stories, the general welcome feeling from the group. It's almost like I am going to come back and have to start all over again, like it's a new group.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Little Bit of This ...

Son of Dish Rag Tag is going smoothly. Teams have been chosen, all my team members have checked in, and the boxes should mail out late next week!

I can't wait! I love this type of stuff! It's so much fun, waiting to see if there is a new box when I get home, then seeing the items in the box, then seeing how much I can pack in the box to send on to the next person! It just makes me feel all bubbly inside.

And what else could make a person feel even better? How about a new kitty. Yup! We now have a new kitty at our house. Her name is Pye.

The back story: After we lost our last animals to old age and health problems, it was dictated that there would never be any more animals in the house while my grandma was alive. This was a few years ago. She held out much longer than I expected. But, I've noticed the signs that she was caving in on that old dictate.

My mom brought home this small black and white cat yesterday. Once the cat was in the house, my gran says "Now we need another one, so she isn't lonely".

So, back to the Capital Humane Society we went, to try to get another cat. Unfortunately, they were all out of adult cats. We will try back today or tomorrow. Heaven forbid the cat not have a companion of her own species.

Knitting is going well. I am getting a lot of holiday knitting done, and am really excited to knit again. Now, I must find kitty toy and bed patterns. Pye can't be left out of the knitting/crocheting gifts.

The kids are back to school and everything is good on that front too. (So far) J. has already talked his band teacher into letting him try the bassoon again this year. I think he is bringing it home today. Joy!

Well, I'm off to have a great afternoon, with possibly another kitty coming home!